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Have you ever wondered why some special interests always get the laws that they want but you never do?

Now, in this free eBook we explain what you can do about it.

No more feeling frustrated or abandoned by your politicians. Turn your anger into awareness, and your awareness into action. (more…)

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The Party is Not Much of a Party

The Party Is Not Much of A Party

The party is a brand. But all brands need to evolve. As brands, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party do not adapt and change quickly enough to meet the needs of their audience. Also, because we only have two brands we flip back-and-forth between (R) and (D).


iLobby connects you with other voters to resolve issues with your leaders!

iLobby® is a micro-lobbying matching service that increases the impact of your advocacy efforts. We connect you with other voters and lobbyists to resolve issues with your leaders. Put simply, this is lobbying for the little guy. (more…)

Get Money Out Of Politics Now

Money in Politics

We should get money out of politics. Everyone says it is corrosive and corrupts.

But ask any candidate who lost his last campaign if he could have used more money and I think he’ll say yes.

The problem is not too much money. The problem is narrowly focused sources of money. Narrow money doesn’t work. In plain English, narrowly focused funding sources empower special interests. (more…)

Politics Is Boring, Trust Me On This

“I hate politics. I don’t understand Congress. And I have no idea about who to vote for in the election.” That’s what I used to say until the political gene turned on in my late 30’s.

For me, politics was boring and nobody cared. Congress was just a bunch of guys in Washington and they were going to do whatever they wanted to anyway. Besides it didn’t affect me. (more…)

Everyone is Fed Up With Politics

iLobby – Connect, debate and engage lobbyists, PR firms and politicians. Share issues easily and change laws with iLobby. Never be left out of democracy again. (more…)

Poll vs. Debate

Why it Matters

Why is the debate structure better than a poll or a survey? Or is it?




The difference lies in a representational proxy or a democracy. With a survey or a poll only select people are included. This is usually around 1500 people. They are asked one question or perhaps several. But their answers are limited to the choices that the survey creator provides. (more…)

iLobby – How it Works


iLobby® connects you with other voters to resolve issues with your political leaders. This right is guaranteed under the First Amendment. [1]

In a democracy voting gives us a chance to express our opinion. But we only vote every couple of years. Many times it doesn’t cover the specific changes we might like to see. iLobby empowers you to do more. (more…)

Two Heads are Better Than One

You Can Influence Policy

People think they can’t do it but they can.

People think they have to write legal language but they don’t.

Voters want to influence laws and policy but they don’t.

Voters think they can influence politicians by choosing the right candidate but it doesn’t always work out that way. (more…)

Politics Should be in the Fabric of Our Lives.

Politics should be in the fabric of our lives.

It should be as convenient as getting a cup of coffee and adding cream.
It should be as simple and momentary as checking the time.
It should be as insightful as glancing at the weather forecast.
It should be as involved and delightful as buying a stock.


Why Small Business Should Lobby

Source: istockphoto

Source: istockphoto

Persuasion works.

When persuading lawmakers to simplify regulations or adopt legislation you are fighting for, as a small business you face three choices. (more…)