How to Get Politically Involved Without Falling in the Pool

Anyone Can Change a Law

It is appalling and extremely unfortunate that apathy has become very common among the politicians who are absolutely indifferent towards many of the bitter truths of reality that need recognition and justice. They just don’t bother to take an action to make things work in the right manner that it should. The common masses are just not allowed, in most cases, to speak and place their opinion. It is high time that some new ways and processes are introduced that will engage more and more members to bring some change starting from grass roots politics.

Engaging Members in the Lobbying Process

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The ‘Take Action’ Button Is Broken: How to Engage Members in the Political Process

Written by

John Thibault, Founder, iLobby

Exclusively for

Association News


January 2015

“Ten people who speak make more noise than 10,000 who are silent,” Napoleon said. Though Waterloo put a crimp in his own political fortunes, the French leader had a point. And for associations whose fortunes are linked to Washington corridors and committee rooms, it’s still a challenge to get their members’ voices heard. (more…)

The Political Game Plan




In a Democracy…

iLobby DemocracyIn a democracy, people are encouraged to express their opinions on certain issues. While we may not always see the change we want in our community, we have the power to raise our voice on certain issues.

State your side.

Share your concerns.

Find like-minded representatives–regardless of political party–and supporters who share your political point of view. 

Start a debate. 

Engage with other concerned parties.

You don’t have to do it alone. Create, fix or repeal laws.  Send your message across and choose iLobby today.