Two Heads are Better Than One

You Can Influence Policy

People think they can’t do it but they can.

People think they have to write legal language but they don’t.

Voters want to influence laws and policy but they don’t.

Voters think they can influence politicians by choosing the right candidate but it doesn’t always work out that way. (more…)

Politics Should be in the Fabric of Our Lives.

Politics should be in the fabric of our lives.

It should be as convenient as getting a cup of coffee and adding cream.
It should be as simple and momentary as checking the time.
It should be as insightful as glancing at the weather forecast.
It should be as involved and delightful as buying a stock.


Why Small Business Should Lobby

Source: istockphoto

Source: istockphoto

Persuasion works.

When persuading lawmakers to simplify regulations or adopt legislation you are fighting for, as a small business you face three choices. (more…)

Political Advocacy Can Help Your Business

Political advocacy is a government affairs function

Technology offers more ways than ever for Americans to interact with their government, yet the turnout for the 2014 midterm elections was the lowest in 72 years. Even though citizens can read bills online, email their legislators and follow politicians on Twitter, many opt out of the political process.


Sway (Menlo Park, CA: iLobby LLC, 2017)

Here’s How to Change a Law and Influence Policy in Under 60 Minutes…


If you are frustrated by politics, but you don’t know think there’s a way to make a difference, discover how with there really is an easier way.


It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to be a political science major to get started. You can find a way to move forward to begin to improve your community, influence the country, and impact the world.