Politics Is Boring, Trust Me On This

“I hate politics. I don’t understand Congress. And I have no idea about who to vote for in the election.” That’s what I used to say until the political gene turned on in my late 30’s.

For me, politics was boring and nobody cared. Congress was just a bunch of guys in Washington and they were going to do whatever they wanted to anyway. Besides it didn’t affect me. (more…)

Everyone is Fed Up With Politics

iLobby – Connect, debate and engage lobbyists, PR firms and politicians. Share issues easily and change laws with iLobby. Never be left out of democracy again. (more…)

Poll vs. Debate

Why it Matters

Why is the debate structure better than a poll or a survey? Or is it?




The difference lies in a representational proxy or a democracy. With a survey or a poll only select people are included. This is usually around 1500 people. They are asked one question or perhaps several. But their answers are limited to the choices that the survey creator provides. (more…)

iLobby – How it Works


iLobby® connects you with other voters to resolve issues with your political leaders. This right is guaranteed under the First Amendment. [1]

In a democracy voting gives us a chance to express our opinion. But we only vote every couple of years. Many times it doesn’t cover the specific changes we might like to see. iLobby empowers you to do more. (more…)