The Party is Not Much of a Party

The Party Is Not Much of A Party

The party is a brand. But all brands need to evolve. As brands, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party do not adapt and change quickly enough to meet the needs of their audience. Also, because we only have two brands we flip back-and-forth between (R) and (D).


iLobby connects you with other voters to resolve issues with your leaders!

iLobby® is a micro-lobbying matching service that increases the impact of your advocacy efforts. We connect you with other voters and lobbyists to resolve issues with your leaders. Put simply, this is lobbying for the little guy. (more…)

Get Money Out Of Politics Now

Money in Politics

We should get money out of politics. Everyone says it is corrosive and corrupts.

But ask any candidate who lost his last campaign if he could have used more money and I think he’ll say yes.

The problem is not too much money. The problem is narrowly focused sources of money. Narrow money doesn’t work. In plain English, narrowly focused funding sources empower special interests. (more…)