iLobby connects you with other voters to resolve issues with your leaders!

iLobby® is a micro-lobbying matching service that increases the impact of your advocacy efforts. We connect you with other voters and lobbyists to resolve issues with your leaders. Put simply, this is lobbying for the little guy.

Too few voters write to their Member of Congress, sign petitions or speak up at town hall meetings.

Fortune 500 companies, unions and special interests have hired professional lobbyists for years. Why? Because lobbyists know the issues. They understand the political landscape in D.C. and State capitols and they know who is and isn’t in power. They know how to get things done.

We want to bring these same resources to you and empower you to make change on issues that matter to you, your business associates, your organization members and your community.

iLobby is for folks who are concerned about where our country is going, voters who are distressed and think that their Representative doesn’t really understand them or adequately represent their key issues anymore.[1]

iLobby is a place where you can make new contacts, build coalitions and refine your ideas through debate. We help you focus your message, create a mass of supporters and combine your financial resources. It’s like crowd funding for lobbying.

Message, mass and money. Simple!

It is non-partisan. You don’t have to join an organization. There are no membership dues. You can be as engaged as you want to be. It will extend your political reach.

Today, politics has become increasingly divisive and complex. We take a different approach and keep things simple.

We are striving to make the service better and more meaningful for you. We hope you will join us and create the change that you and your community believe in.

Connect, debate, engage!